56th Conference Proceedings

Call for Papers – CSVHF Conference 2024

By Rod Blocksome, K0DAS, 12 May 2024

Plans for the 2024 Central States VHF Conference are rapidly coming together.  The CSVHF Society publishes the proceedings of all technical papers submitted to the conference each year.  Your paper may complement a conference presentation or it can be on another topic related to weak signal communications above 50 MHz.  The proceedings book is assembled and published by the ARRL each year.  In order to have sufficient time to accomplish this work and have the Proceedings available for conference attendees, all papers need to be submitted to me NOT LATER THAN 30 MAY 2024.

Send your document to me at:  rod.blocksome(at)gmail.com  Use “@” in place of “(at)”

Please use the guidelines on  https://2024.csvhfs.org/index.php/guidance-documents/authors

Thank-You and remember – 30 May 2024 is only a mere 18 Days from today!

The Proceedings are $25 each and are shipped for an additional $5.  We also like you to pay your $5 annual CSVHFS dues.  The cover of this year's Proceedings will be posted as soon as it is available.

12 ft EME Dish Antenna low resCheck out these article titles!

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